K-Tech (UK) was established in 1987 as a subcontractor to various companies. Pretty soon it established a solid reputation for efficient and reliable assembly of all sorts of electronic and electromechanical components and assemblies for larger manufacturers

As K-Tech grew, both in terms of its expertise and range of facilities it was able to offer, it was decided that it would shift the emphasis of its services to offering a complete design and build 'product' targeted at end user customers. This followed a number of successful contracts in the defence and policing sectors.

Working with security consultants Chapman Associates, K-Tech introduced its own range of miniature transmitter/receiver products, the Minda range. These are designed to be ultra-portable and unobtrusive and allow both for covert signalling to and from concealed personnel and also remote control of any number of devices

In pursuing various contracts and buying in components, in 1998 K-Tech formed an alliance with Marshall Electronics based in the US. This has resulted in K-Tech becoming the sole UK distributor of Marshall's products which include all manner of discrete video cameras and cabling products. More recently a similar arrangement has been put in place with Tactical Technologies, also from the US.

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