K-Tech provides a wide range of services and products - read on for how you can view our full range of services on offer and see and order finished products on-line. CLICK HERE to see our standard terms and conditions of trade.

Electronic Engineering
From its beginnings as a subcontractor to a number of major companies, K-Tech has developed an unrivalled expertise in producing custom designed electronic units from the drawing board to the finished article.

These services can be offered for custom-built one-off items, prototype units in small quantities or even batch production and manufacturing. Our range of expertise is explained in detail on our electronic services page (just click the link below or to the left) but these can be summarised as everything from high density surface mount and conventional PCB production, cableform design and wiring, production panel and chassis wiring and layout and build of equipment.

AND...See below for how our engineering facility complements our electronic production expertise to provide a complete electronic solution.

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Mechanical Engineering
No electronic product exists without the proper casing, specifically designed inside and out for the job the unit is being asked to do.

K-Tech has a fully equipped engineering shop that can produce virtually any kind of casing and mount for virtually any product. This ranges from sheet metal work of all kinds and precision CNC punching of sheet metal to precision design and CNC machining from solid metals. Also included is Tig and Mig welding as well as other specialist skills.

K-Tech offer its mechanical engineering expertise both as part of our complete electronic solutions and also as a stand alone service, producing enclosures and panels as well as tools, jigs and fixtures for outside customers.
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The Minda range is a set of sub-miniature transmitters and corresponding receivers specifically designed to be used in covert surveillance, personal security and other similar situations. Now recently updated, the latest products offer narrow band transmission for greater range and reliability

With a whole range of options, the concept is very simple. The matchbox-sized transmitter sends a signal to a base receiver when a button is pressed. Discrete receivers are also available which can be concealed and emit either an audible bleep or a vibration when a signal is received.

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Other Products
K-Tech have now added a number of new surveillance products to their Minda range. These include:

The Telemetry Control Receiver and Transmitter - allows control of up to 16 functions from a remote location.

The Micron Miniature Command Radio systemfor surveillance and control in areas where radio transmission are tightly regulated. The system is certified by the CAA for use in and around aircraft.

Audio Delay Line System for monitoring of radio, telephone and other speech signals where unexpected activity may occur.

Power Box - intelligent power system for reliability of power supply in for CCTV applications.

Video Hand Controller for quick and convenient CCTV camera set-up.

LifeLine Batteries - the best vehicle batteries for rugged and reliable performance even in the most extreme of situations .

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Marshall Electronics
K-Tech is the approved UK distributor for the full Range of Marshall Electronics products in the UK

Marshall Electronics are one of the US's top manufacturers and distributors of a wide range of products. The company is divided into two divisions - the Optical Division produces CMOS and CCD board and finished cameras, lenses and accessories; the Broadcast Division produces LCD panels and monitors, and racked single and multiple monitors.

Marshall products can be used in conjunction with other K-Tech products to provide you with everything you need to use the products straight 'out of the box' and you can see the full range and buy everything on-line from this site.

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Tactical Technologies
K-Tech is now also the approved UK distributor for the full range of Tactical Technologies products.

Tactical Technologies are one of the US's top designers and suppliers of sophisticated communications, surveillance, intelligence gathering and forensic equipment for the law enforcement and defence industries.

For this reason, their product catalogue and access to buying their products is restricted to approved customers only. If you would like to be considered for approved status and have access to our secure area (which also includes other sophisticated products), click on the link below. Once approval has been granted, your User ID and Password will be forwarded to you.

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