Principal features are:
  • Range - up to 6km line of site with appropriate antenna
  • Frequency - 458MHz UHF
  • Transmitter output power - 500mW maximum
  • Battery economiser - on all switching receivers - programmable on/off
  • Can be used for long term installations
  • Licence compliance - MPT 1329 in the UK and 89/336/EEC in the EU
NOTE... these devices are not available for use in the USA

NOTE ALSO.... Although there is only one transmitter listed here, its transmissions can be received by all 458MHz receivers over the range quoted

High Power Command Transmitter - TX-458-500
High power transmitter for use with MINDA range of 458MHz receivers

Principal features are:
  • Can operate as a repeater to greatly extend the range of 418MHz transmitters when used with a suitably adapted MINDA receiver)
  • Battery or external power option
  • Built-in battery meter
  • User programmable (with PC programming kit)
  • Activation by red/green buttons or external switches if required
  • Various antenna options
  • Robust construction
Designed for:
  • Reliable signal transmission
  • Ease of operation
  • Long range applications

A full range of accessories from adapters to programming kits

Description Product Code
Mains adapter AD1
Vehicle adapter AC1
Programming kit SK1
Programming I/F Unit SK2

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