Latest narrowband transmission technology extends range, reduces power consumption and makes Minda an even more desirable surveillance product.

Principal features are:
  • Range - up to 400m line of site with wire antenna supplied.
  • Compact size - transmitter is same size as low power range model
  • Extended battery life
  • Frequency - 434.075MHz UHF (a 433.920 unit can be produced to special order
  • Transmitter output power - 10mW maximum
  • Battery economiser - on all switching receivers
  • Auto-confidence transmission - programmable from 6sec to 29min between transmissions
  • Licence compliance - MPT 1340 in the UK and 89/336/EEC in the EU
NOTE... these products are not available for use in the USA

By using a transmitter module stablised by a quartz crystal, frequency accuracy is improved by around 40 times over previous Minda models. Similarly the receiver module has an acceptance window 20 times narrower than previous models. This allows the narrowband receiver to be much more immune to noise and interference when receiving signals from the transmitter effectively increasing range by up to four times and reducing transmitter power consumption.

Standard Two Button Key Fob Transmitter - TX-600NB
Matchbox sized unit with built-in confidence light to confirm correct operation; Low battery condition, automatically signalled to receiver and two status conditions.

Principal features are:
  • Up to 400m range, line of sight
  • Very simple to operate
  • Covert in operation
  • Extended battery life
Designed for:
  • Persons at risk in social, business and other situations
  • Police officers
  • VIPs
  • Security personnel
  • Business executives
Technical Specifications:
  • 434.075MHz
  • PLL synthesised - single fixed frequency channel
  • Output power - 10mW (+/- 2mW)
  • Modulation - FM Narrow Band
  • Spurious emissions - less than -50dBm

Portable Receiver - RX-700NB
Designed primarily for use with the TX600 in medium to close quarter ranges (up to 400m), line of sight.

Principal features are:
  • Narrow-Band spec to match TX600NB
  • Monitors up to four transmitters (twin status)
  • Battery powered with economiser
  • Audible alert if jammed by interference
  • Transmitter low power indication
  • Earpiece socket for use in noisy location
  • Various antenna options
  • Fully programmable
Designed for:
  • Belt mounting for mobile use
  • Motor vehicle installations
Technical Specifications:
  • Frequency preset at 434.075MHz
  • PLL synthesised - channel set by 4 DIL switches
  • Frequency stability - +/- 2.5kHz
  • Channel step - 25kHz
  • Sensitivity - -120dBm
  • Selectivity - +/-7.5kHz at -6dB point

It is inadvisable to use the new narrow-band series MINDA units with earlier models, even if they are known to operate on the same (nominal) frequency. Signals from TX400/500 transmitters are unlikely to be decoded using a RX700NB receiver because of the probable frequency inaccuracy of the transmitter. Although a TX600NB transmitter can be used with a RX400 receiver, it is unlikely that any significant range improvement will be noticed because the RX400 is a wideband receiver.

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