This Audio Delay Line is capable of continuously delaying any audio signal fed into it by a period of up to 44 seconds.

Typical uses include monitoring of radio, telephone and other speech signals where activity may occur unexpectedly. As the outgoing signal is delayed for 44 seconds, an operator, listening to the incoming original signal has time to alert other people, switch on any recording equipment or cut off the audio source before it emerges from the output of the device, without missing any of the message.

Since audio signals pass through the delay Line continuously, any other signals that immediately precede the message of interest will also be heard providing that monitoring has commenced within the 44 second delay period

Technical Specifications
  • Input impedance - 600ohm unbalanced (phono socket)
  • Output impedance - 600ohm unbalanced (phono socket)
  • Input signal level - 0dBm nominal (o.775V from a 600 ohm source
  • Through gain - 0db +/- 1dB
  • Auxiliary Output - up to 250mW into an 8 to 32ohm speaker
  • Supply voltage - 8 to 12V dc
  • Current drain - 20mA constant with no loudspeaker connected, otherwise up to 250mA depending on audio output level
  • Audio delay - 44 sec
  • Frequency response - approx 200Hz to 3.5kHz
  • Housing - White, high impact polystyrene case
  • Dimensions - 155x105x40mm

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A simple delay line unit offering audio delay of up to 4 seconds in one second increments. Designed specifically to sync sound from digital TV broadcasts with the corresponding images from an analogue transmission.

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