The Cerberus (CER001) is designed to be the heart of a rapid deployment four camera video surveillance centre. It contains a 15 inch LCD display (which can be sectioned to see the output from all four cameras simultaneously, or one at a time); sophisticated motion sensors on each camera channel; alarm outputs to VCR or hard disc recorder; and a full power supply for all cameras.

The motion sensors for each camera channel can be set at varying levels of sensitivity to designate a 'target area' and any detected activity switches the display screen to the relevant camera, sounds an alarm and triggers the VCR to record.

  • Full control and display for a four camera surveillance system
  • 15 inch LCD screen that can be quartered to show all camera outputs
  • Motion sensors for all four camera channels with variable sensitivity
  • Full power supplies for all cameras and equipment
  • Any detected movement sounds alarm and sends a trigger signal to VCR
  • All encased in a rugged carry case

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