The L3 Camera is a state of the art very low light monochrome CCD video camera with standard CCIR output. It uses a highly sensitive imaging sensor mounted in a ceramic package with external peltier cooling giving it the ability to produce an image in lighting conditions down to starlight (100 µ lux).

This sensor package is able to create an eye friendly image with excellent resolution and detail in all light conditions. This sensor gives brilliant intrascene contrast (improved mid-band MTF) and extended spectral response (400 - 1060nm)

However it does not use image intensifying technology and so cannot be damaged if it is inadvertently exposed to normal lighting levels. This makes the L3 ideal for surveillance operations where the light level is likely to fluctuate greatly as well as creative applications such as nature photography.

The L3 runs from a 12V supply and is compatible with all standard video-based frame grabbers and TV monitors via a BNC video output. An LCP shutter can be fitted as an option. The unit is mounted within a robust metal case and has a standard 1 inch C-Mount lens mounting. Call us for suitable lenses to complement this product.

Principal Features
  • Works in virtually total darkness (100 µlux)
  • Cannot be damaged by exposure to normal light levels
  • Features tough metal casing
  • Standard 1 inch C-Mount lens mounting

Typical Performance
  • Ambient temperature range - -10 to +40°C
  • Storage temperature range - -20 to +60°C
  • Limiting resolution - 430 TVL pph
  • Signal to noise ratio (10mlux scene) - 35dB
  • Modulation at 430TVL pph - 50 percent (excludes lens)
  • Luminous sensitivity - 2500µA/lumen (anti-bloomed), 2800µA/lumen (non anti-bloomed)

  • Imaging area - 11.52x8.64mm
  • Pixel size - 20x30 µm
  • Image format - 576x244 pixels
  • Sensor temperature - adjustable from -10 to +5°C
  • Spectral range - 400 to 1060nm
  • Auto iris control - 100,000 to 10 lux
  • CCD gain - 10lux to 15 mlux
  • AGC - 15mlx - 0.1mlux

Electrical and Mechanical
  • Power input - 6 to 12 W
  • Input voltage - 10 to 16V
  • Peak current - 800mA
  • Sensor temperature - adjustable from -10 to +5°C
  • Video output - CCIR
  • Source impedance - 75 ohm
  • Power connector - HR10/4 plug
  • Auto iris connector - HR10/6 socket
  • Power connector - HR10/4 plug
  • Weight - 870g (exc lens)
  • Dimensions - 78.5 x 69 x 130mm (exc lens)

NOTE... The L3 is available for 525 or 625 line operation in anti-blooming or non anti-blooming configurations. Phone us for further information, including data-sheets with full performance graphs.

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