The Micron System is a very small radio controlled switching system where a miniature radio switch is able to acknowledge automatically any valid commands sent by the Command Unit. This system operates at very low power in the 434MHz UK Licence Exempt band, is battery powered and all of its functions are managed by intelligent low power microprocessors.

Because of its very low RF emissions, the MICRON is CAA Approved for use on and close to aircraft

Principal features are:
  • Receiver produces virtually no RF radiation - so can be used in other sensitive electronic environments
  • Complies with ETSI-ETS 300 220
  • Radio switch consumes only 250ľA from a supply of 4.5-9V in battery economiser mode - version for use with 8-16V supplies also available
  • Uses miniature latching relay or solid-state switch - can control and external DC load up to 500mA staying latched in position even when power is removed
  • Four channel Unit Identity code - allows up to four Radio Switches to be used in close proximity and controlled by the same command unit

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Subminiature in size the Radio Switch (MicRX1) can receive a command signal and transmit back a confirmation signal. Two versions are available - a circuit board unit for self mounting, and a finished enclosed unit.

The radio switch in battery economiser mode consumes only 250ľA. A two second pulse from the command unit wakes up the Radio Switch and allows it to carry out its command and send back a confirmation signal. It remains awake for a further ten seconds to receive further commands before reverting to sleep mode

Three LEDs on the circuit board indicate the unit's status - green to show correct operation (flashing only in sleep mode); yellow to indicate a signal is being received; and red to indicate that the unit has been switched on by an 'on' command and stays on until an 'off' command is received.

Principal features are:
  • Sub miniature size
  • Battery economiser mode
  • Can assume one of four identities allowing up to four switches to be controlled from one command unit
  • On-board LEDs to allow monitoring of performance

Handheld in size the Command Unit (MicTX1) can send a command signal independently to up to four Radio Switches and confirm reception with audio tones.

Housed in a black ABS case and fitted with a quarter wave whip antenna, the front panel is equipped with a five way rotary switch, two large push buttons, a loudspeaker with volume control and various indicator LEDs. The rotary switch selects the appropriate Radio Switch to control and also switches the unit off. Press the large red button and this sends an 'On' command to the appropriate switch - the other (black) button sends the 'off' command.

Whenever the transmitter is operating, the two colour LED glows red. Release either button and the command unit's receiver is powered up, the LED glows green and the loudspeaker should play the confirmation tone sent by the Switch.

Battery level can be confirmed by the brightness of the LEDs and the Command Unit's receiver can be powered by a separate button to check for interference on the selected receiving channel

Principal features are:
  • Comfortable handheld size
  • Very low quiescent current - less than 150ľA
  • Uses four standard MN1500 (AA) batteries
  • Controls up to four radio switches
  • 146x91x64mm in size

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