The PowerBox (PB001) is reliable, ready to use power supply for portable CCTV systems.

It gives a reliable 12V DChas a capacity of 105Ah and also features an intelligent power management system which automatically shuts of the system if the battery voltage falls low enough to permanently damage the batteries. There is also a meter read-out indicating remaining capacity at current power consumption.

Units may be connected together in parallel for increased capacity and will accept a 'top-up' charge at any time.

Technical Specifications
  • Nominal Output Voltage - 12V DC
  • Charge Capacity - 105Ah
  • Time to full recharge - Less than 7 hours
  • Auto-Shutdown Voltage- 11V

  • Rugged casing for durability
  • High initial capacity
  • Intelligent power management system to protect batteries
  • Can be connected with other units for higher power output
  • Accepts top-up charge

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