K-Tech provides a complete range of electronic design and manufacturing services. You may want an electronic product designing, assembling and manufacturing from scratch, or you may want to take advantage of some of our services. Whatever your needs, we can assemble a package which is tailor made for your requirements.

PCB Design
Do you have a prototype or electronic circuit you want to manufacture using a conventional PCB? K-Tech have all the skills to produce a PCB design that will make your product work to its maximum advantage both in electronic and manufacturing terms.

Prototype PCBs (Hardwire or Wirewrap)
Do you have a design that you want to take to prototype stage but don't want to take to full PCB production before testing? We can use bread-boarding techniques to construct your board for testing purposes. This allows you to test your design, making sure it works as you intend before proceeding to the cost and trouble of producing final PCB artwork.

Conventional PCB production and assembly
Do you have your PCB designed and ready for production? If you only have a small batch of PCBs to assemble and have been quoted long lead-times and expensive set-up charges, let us resolve the problem for you. We can normally source all of your component requirements and assemble the boards complete to suite your time scales.

High density and fine pitch surface mount PCB assembly
This is specialist type of subminiature PCB production and assembly which K-Tech excels at. All aspects of surface mount assembly can be undertaken using vacuum placement and convection re-flow techniques. We have the ideal set up for customers with a requirement of low volume runs, non-conforming PCBs or prototypes.

The Complete Service
Do you have an electronic design you want turning into a finished product? K-Tech has all of the skills to take that design, develop it through the PCB design, wiring and layout stages, put together the right casing and mounts, and assemble the whole thing into a working unit ready for use. This can be applied equally to single, one-off units or batch production.

Prototype Wiring
Do you have just one unit that requires construction and are you appalled by the high manufacturing and administration costs? Come to K-Tech. We can produce one-off high quality assemblies to your specification, supplying all components and supporting documentation if required. Using the diverse range of skills and equipment available to us on site you can be sure of a competitive price without having to involve several different companies.

Buffer Stock for Production Panel and Chassis Wiring
If you're selling the same equipment every month and can't afford to have a break in supply, we can arrange in certain circumstances to manufacture and hold your equipment in stock. This means that if that vital item is temporarily unavailable, we can supply from our buffer stock until your own situation returns to normal.

AND...Click Here to see how our engineering facility complements our electronic production expertise to provide a complete electronic solution.

Cables of all kinds
We can design and manufacture all manner of cable assemblies from single lead connector to connector to highly complex loom designs containing hundreds of leads. Assembly boards can also be designed and constructed as a separate job if required

The Whole Process
Do you have a requirement for an electronic product to fulfill a particular function or gap in your product range? Are you an organisation that needs complete electronic solutions to operational problems?

K-Tech can design, prove and test that product either for you to take that product over and manufacture it yourself or to supply you with finished items ready for sale or use. K-Tech have full electronic production and manufacturing facilities coupled with an engineering workshop that will supply all of the hardware necessary to complete the product.

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