K-Tech provides a complete range of mechanical engineering services to complement and back up our electronic design services. These allow us not only to produce the most appropriate housing for our own products, but also to offer those services to other manufacturers and organisations.

All manner of sheet metal production
All electronic equipment is housed in some form of box or cabinet. That box is usually made from sheet metal, cut, bent and fastened precisely to the manufacturer's requirements. Inside the box will be brackets and other fitments that mount the various components securely. Although this area of electronic design and production may not be glamorous, the right housing is essential for the delicate electronic components to function correctly, be adequately protected and work reliably in their designated environment.

K-Tech has amassed considerable experience and expertise and can manufacture sheet metal enclosures etc to the highest standards, for its own products, for one-off and custom built equipment or as a stand-alone service for other electronic manufacturers.

CNC sheet punching for short runs and batch production
Both internal elements and front panels usually need punching to accurately and reliable mount various components. Again K-Tech has vast experience in this field, using highly skilled manual labour for one-off and short runs, and its sophisticated Shape Delta 1000 CNC computer controlled punching machine for batch runs and manufacturing.

The Delta 1000 is capable of punching materials up to 6.4mm thick including aluminium (3mm maximum mild steel) and has a maximum of 20 tool stations with four auto indexing. Because it is CNC controlled it is capable of punching accuracy within 0.1mm and is ideally suited for high speed batch production of panels of all types.

High tolerance and high durability
There are times when a sheet metal enclosure is inappropriate for electronic equipment, or you may need a particular accessory that can only be machined out of a solid piece of material. K-Tech are experts in producing machined components of every kind.

All sorts of materials
For those items which are going to be used in hostile environments, casings can be machined out of solid brass, aluminium, or indeed any other metal which is deemed the most appropriate. Depending on the job this machining may be put in the hands of one of our highly skilled experts or accomplished using precision CNC control.

We can also work with other materials such as plastics either for casings or for those essential connector items such as battery adaptors. We can custom build those adaptors and fittings that are not in a manufacturer's accessory range but essential for the application being considered.

As with sheet metal work, K-Tech has amassed considerable experience and expertise and can manufacture machined parts to the highest standards, for its own products, for one-off and custom built equipment or as a stand-alone service for other electronic manufacturers.

The right tools for the job
Manufacturing runs of precision engineered components require the right machine tools, jigs and fixtures. K-Tech make their own machine tools for batch production of such items, but can also supply those machine tools for other companies to operate similar production systems.

We can supply machine tools, jigs and fixtures for a number of engineering operations including drilling, grinding and milling on CNC controlled machinery as well as the punching tools needed for high-speed, multi-tool punching presses.

Welding almost anything to anything
As part of the process of assembling enclosures, casings and other mechanical parts, welding is sometimes the best way of fixing two pieces of metal together.

Our engineering facility has expertise in all forms of welding which enable us to successfully assemble components manufactured from a number of materials including aluminium and brass. As well as being a potential part of the K-Tech manufacturing process, we can also offer our welding expertise as a stand alone service to help you in producing the right components for your purpose.

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