SBS can produce a wide range of cable assemblies, wiring looms and cable harnesses, as well as ribbon cables, D-Types and all types of patch cords, from one off or small production runs, to large volume orders. We manufacture using a wide range of connectors and crimps, to meet all UK and International requirements. We can manufacture from our customers samples or drawings. Assemblies can be manufactured using free issue materials or purchased components. SBS have an in-house cable stripping facility and are able to cut, strip and tin all single and multi-core cables. We have an array of crimping tools and can process a wide range of terminal types.

Do you have an electronic design you want turning into a finished product? SBS has all of the skills to take that design, develop it through the PCB design, wiring and layout stages, put together the right casing and mounts, and assemble the whole thing into a working unit ready for use. This can be applied equally to single, one-off units or batch production.